Intoxicate Your Senses

11:11 Fragrance - Limited Artist Collector's Edition


An alluring, magnetic, opulent and long-lasting fragrance with nearly two dozen perfectly balanced notes -- from bergamot, lavender and amalfi lemon to jasmine, sandlewood and vanilla. Adapts and blends with your personal chemistry to create a unique, seductive scent that is magically you. 

10 mL with glass roller ball.
No alcohol -- Pure Fragrance. Pure Opulence.
Made in the USA.




What Time Is It?

It's Time to Dream. It's Time to Love. It's Time to Wish. It's 11:11.

Is It 11:11 am Or 11:11 pm?

There is no time in space. Or love.

Am I Love Drunk?

Yes. This fragrance is intoxicating to both the male and female persuasion.

Why Is 11:11 Applied With A Roller Ball?

11:11 is a pure fragrance with no alcohol, even more concentrated than perfume and cologne. A little goes a long way. Apply with caution if you are afraid of commitment.

Is the 11:11 Bottle Really Violet?

Yes, hold it up to a bright light and you'll see. The violet glass protects from harmful effects of light and increases the shelf life of your 11:11, prolonging its potency. Not that you could possibly be any more attractive while wearing 11:11.

Why Are Beautiful People All Of A Sudden Talking To Me?

Don't worry, you'll get used to it.

What Does "Watch What Happens" Really Mean?

All we can say is, put on 11:11 Fragrance, and watch what happens.